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21-year-old Halle Abadi is creating waves, crossing over elements of her Persian/Afghan culture into rich pop influenced music. Her unique vocal ability, lyricism that empowers women, and her distinctive tone, prove to be rapidly spreading to new ears across the world. 


In 2019, Halle released her first single, Pandora's Box, which fans praised for her unique use of Middle-Eastern instruments on a pop song. Halle incorporates her roots into each of her songs, priding herself on bringing awareness to her culture through her music. Later on that year, she released "Makes Me Bleed," as a means of therapy to discuss her first heartbreak. In 2020, she really took advantage of the lockdown by throwing herself into her music. After releasing "Hero" and "Summersong," she decided to encapsulate her unique sound into a lighter pop feel. 


Halle started 2021 by releasing the very catchy "Fault Lines" which came to fruition out of her frustration of the toxic people in her life taking their traumas out on her. The response to the track made her realize that she loved to write songs with heavy meanings against catchy pop melodies, which birthed "Salvador" and inspired "Comfortable." Halle’s fans passionately chose her next single to be “Focus” which was released on August 27, 2021 and gained 100,000 streams in 1 week. To finish out 2021 with a solid love song, Halle released “All Ways” on October 29, 2021.

Halle Abadi in the desert.
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"SUMMERSONG" Takes #17 Spot on SubmitHub's TOP 25 POP MUSIC CHART (Week of July 19, 2020)

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"PANDORA'S BOX" Selected By Spotify's Editorial Staff for Curated Playlist "Brand New Chill"

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